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Avigy is a business consulting organization specializing in the information technology. In addition to delivering guidance, advice, and analytic services, we utilize our network in order to connect the right parties for successful collaboration and growth.

With Avigy, you can be sure that you will get the answers and connections to the resources necessary to move forward.


Avigy’s core services consist of Strategic, Planning, and Implementation sectors for each phase

of business development process — from initial beginnings to expanding mature growth.



  • Business Plan
  • Market Research
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Product Roadmap
  • Monetization


  • Corporate Structure
  • Teams & Resources
  • Legal and Financial Operations
  • Technical Roadmaps
  • Revenue Models


  • Software Design and Development
  • System Infrastructure Topology
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions and Services
  • Support and Administration Processes

Where do you turn for quality professional advice?

This question is exactly why Avigy got started.

Our vision is to become most valuable asset for a growing organization. Our clients are our partners. Together, we discover new opportunities, realize new capabilities, and create new future.

Management Team


Olek Shestakov

Founder and CEO

As an entrepreneur who formed and partnered in many companies and startups, I understand all of the pains that many growing organizations endure. I created Avigy in order to help teams along the way. From formation, management, business strategy to innovation, I dedicate myself to ensure that everyone overcomes their challenges and succeeds.

Prior to launching Avigy, Olek held executive and leadership roles, delivering world-class enterprise solutions in Telecom, Digital Video, Broadcasting, IT Consulting and Financial industries.

Olek has extensive experience operating lean technology startups and a knack for technological evolution. Olek also has a very extensive educational background. He holds degrees in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, International and Business Law, and is a PhD Candidate in Economics of High-Tech Markets.

In addition to being a leader of Avigy, Olek frequently assumes a role of a modern day Sherpa, taking great pride in his leadership skills guiding a steep mountain climb or a distant hiking trail.

Our mission is to help everyone achieve success and we welcome inquiries of all sizes, no

matter how big or small. We dedicate ourselves to help companies move past the obstacles.

Please let us know your needs. We can help you!

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Entry to US Market

Anastasia Novikova, Managing Partner, Co-Founder at NexGen Design Technologies, Ukraine

During the first conversation with Olek and his team, I felt it was a meeting with old friends rather than a formal project formation. Members of the Avigy team helped us team up with other organizations for entry into a US market, provided advice during project development stage, and helped with client prospecting. I would definitely recommend others to contact Avigy with any business or engineering questions.

Help with product or Service

Marvin Weinberger, CEO at AmericanCertified, Philadelphia, PA

From initial inquiry to the final delivery, Avigy team was helpful, professional and prompt. They are knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of Product Architecture, Software Development, and Deployment. They evaluated several product concepts and always came up with an excellent set of recommendations to resolve our technology challenges.

Advice and Networking

Anna Pishchulina, Global Product Line Business Manager at Emerson, Boulder, CO

I’ve worked with many consultants over the years, and I would rank Avigy as one of the most insightful strategic teams with whom I’ve partnered. Olek helped accelerating project by introducing my team to prospective customers and partners internationally, collaborating on market strategy and planning execution. I was very pleased with the quality, attentiveness and responsiveness of Avigy services, and I recommend them without reservation.

Strategic Partnership

Lou Bonaventura, Founder at KNR IT Solutions, Boothwyn PA

I recommend Avigy to everyone. The team’s strong knowledge of business models and strategic communications was extremely valuable for our joint work. During our long-term collaboration, I relied on Avigy for breakthrough thinking when navigating inevitable changes in product or market strategy. Together we developed a strategic planning approach to keep our teams, processes and strategies aligned.

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